North Italy and Switzerland private guided tours and airport transfers

Coronavirus: special service

The Coronavirus emergency in Italy is over !

The only “cases” we still find are results in the serological tests and are no more infections through people.

But if you still prefer to feel safe during our Private guided Tours of course we will respect all rules concerning distance, use of face masks etc.

Namely (see also some example images here below):
. guaranteed distance between passengers (more than 1 meter in the 8-seat van or minibus)
. masks and disinfectant liquids provided free of charge
– protective gloves are not requested (World Health Organization suggests not to use them)
. sensitization of the vehicles are made before every departure

Only body temperature will be measured; if more than 37.5 passenger will not be taken on board.


Telephone, SMS, Viber:  3382004670


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Transport of one or two persons with luggage

Transport of one or more persons with luggage

Safe distances between passengers guaranteed

Safe distances between passengers guaranteed. Not necessary for families and friends

Operating on all Italian territory

Operating on all Italian territory. Face masks if necessary.

Masks, protective gloves and disinfectant liquids provided

Masks disinfectant liquids provided. Protective gloves not need

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety. Protective gloves not need